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Soleluna Cosmetics Inc. exists because of a need for truly natural skincare, haircare and body products. Formulated with 100 % plant-based ingredients from trusted (local when possible) sources to ensure the purest products and best performance. Handcrafting in small batches ensures each product is fresh and packed with handmade love.



"Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of natural beauty!"


Kenna Whitnell is focussed on contributing scientific research to the cosmetic and natural product industry. She studies Biochemistry at the University of Guelph, with a peaked interest in plant secondary metabolism.      


Kenna started Soleluna Cosmetics in 2015 to share her experience of natural skincare, ingredients and products with her friends and family. She believes that skincare should be safe, non-toxic and sourced sustainably. Kenna wants to inspire, teach and guide others interested in adopting a holistic approach to beauty and health.


Her newest product line, Altilis Beauty™ is currently being developed and will be released to the market in late 2017. The product line features in -house manufactured raw materails from sustainable plants sourced in the Southern Pacific Islands.  Visit to find more about this innovative product line.


About the Owner & Product Manager

Marketing & Operations Manager

Margaret Baker is responsible for the Marketing and Business Development for Soleluna Cosmetics. With 2+ years experience in marketing related roles, Margaret brings her passion for marketing, strong attention to detail and interest in natural skincare to her current position with Soleluna Cosmetics.


Margaret is a graduate from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as a Certificate in Leadership. In her spare time, you’ll find Margaret planning her next trip, hiking the nearest trail, consuming the latest fashion trends and spending time with her friends and family.    


Our story.


GC/ MS spectrum of Lavandin x Intermedia essential oil. Distilled by Kenna Whitnell. Thank you to the Organic Chemistry department at the University of Guelph for the data.